Jesus my number one by Ose Praize

Jesus you are my number one—Oooo*
You are my number one ——-4

You be one nor be two
You be God nor be man
You be first nor be last
You are a mighty God.

I have toured around the world
Couldn’t find someone like you
I have seen a lot of people
There is no God like you
You are bigger than the biggest
Mightier than the Mightiest
Stronger than the Strongest
I call you chineke
Jesus you are worthy, my Lord…
Koso babire
Eledumare baba
You are everytin to me oh God


You are worthy of my praise by Ose Praize

Oh oh Lord
You are worthy of my praise…..(*4)

You have beautifully, Created me
Out of a mery clay,
I want to see your glory
Oh Lord my God
Lord you reign
From Heaven above with peace
You are the God of yesterday, today & forevermore
Lord you Reign
Abundantly on Earth……*2
Oh ooo Lord my God…..

Lyrical,Spiritual,lighting up this tabernacle
Go crazy when I rhyme,so this really aint a miracle
Heaven I hear is beautiful,I’m headed 4 that pinnacle
Once pictured me in hell,that scenario was 2 pitiful
I Fear the Lord,the only fear that I got
Wish I could tell u stories of all d fights that I fought
Souls that I won,glories I plot
My brains on fire now
I have come to realise
That there is no me without you
Like a tree is to a leaf
You is what I need to breath
You are Excellent
You are Marvelous
You are Mighty
You are wonderful
Time flies when I’m slaying these demons
Times never enough when I’m killing these demons
Word of the lord,the sword in my hand
Its J-E-S-U-S wit me n my mahns!
For my God is my mehns
They say Achilles mahn,wats dis talk about a new Me?
I say I’m renovating nw that christ lies in Me
I’m doing all I can see that nigga died 4 me
Stay Winning all d time,see that nigga ball 4 me
glory I came short of
But he said what up
The devils got nothing,tell dat nigga 2 shut up