Joe Praize latest release ‘Everything Is Blessed’

Joe Praize Joe praize latest release  titled ‘Everything is Blessed‘, on his Coast2Coast imprint. The energetic upbeat tune serves as a follow-up to his ‘Jesus Everywhere‘ single released in July.

“Every trouble/challenge that will ever come your way is your size… Don’t be intimidated because everything about you IS BLESSED… I am giving you this song for FREE and all you need to do is use it to UPGRADE YOUR LIFE as you declare with faith in your heart that EVERYTHING IS BLESSED” ~ Joe Praize

Listen & Enjoy

Joe Praize by Everything Is Blessed

Everything is Blessed – Lyrics

My Hands are Blessed
My legs are Blessed
My Head is Blessed
Everything is Blessed

My Hand is the Hand of the Lord
My body, the temple of the God
My eyes cannot be blind
I cannot be down

I’m a new creation
I overcome the world
My hands are Blessed (x2)

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